IT Project Management Process

Software System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

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Discovery & Solutions Defination

We reaserch on your project and recommend the best IT solution for your project. We gather project information, research its purpose, main Goals, target audience and many more.

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Planning on Sitemap and Wireframe Creation

We focus on planning sitemap, wireframing, contents, color, layout and many more.The sitemap and wireframing allows you to understand how the inner structure of a website looks like.

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Design Layout, Page Layouts, Review, and Approval Cycle

In this page, we focus on design, page layout. It can be a graphic sketch or an actual graphic design, web project color and layout. we interact with customer frequently.

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Coding and Programing

In this phase, we focus on coding and writing program codes. We create various modules (CMS) as per client requirement. We test step by step. We focus on SEO requirement entity as well like Title, Keywords and Description.

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Content Writing and Web Project Testing (QA)

In this phase, we enter the acutual content, the best marketing content. We also test the web project bugs and fixes the errors. Quality Assurance is the main aspect of this phase.

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Project Deployment, Continuous Maintenance & Marketing

This is the last phase of software lifecylcle of the project. We lunch the site after client review and approval. We keep on monitoring and work maintenance. We began marketing.

IT Project Consulting and Management is a process of steps that can be used in order to complete the task on time that includes with:

  • Identify key stakeholders and develop the project planing document.
  • Develop a business plan, dentify project scope, estimate budget.
  • Develop various plan like risk Management, communication and human resource management.
  • Control, monitor, lead and execute project.
  • Execute plan for project deployment and post-launch support.
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