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We are a Calgary Web Development Company, specialized in website development, custom software development, e-commerce website, customized, dynamic, and content management system etc. Our Calgary web development team have great experience in web development, web application development and online and digital marketing  with latest 2020 web  technologies and 2020 web trends in design of web page and web applications.

Being a Calgary based web development company, we do frequent research and observations to web design and web development projects, modern business strategy and business requirements, goals and mission.

We use the following tools to use web development in our agency

Ruby on Rails or Ruby: Ruby on Rails is a web-application framework that includes everything needed to create database-backed web applications, with the MVC pattern. Global iTech Systems has a team of ruby on rails web developers.

AngularJS: We specilized for AngularJS framework for web development, which is  lightweight and professional web development platform.

Express: We use Express web framework for Node.JS. We are the professional web development agency for web and mobile web application services.

Meteor:  Calgary Web Design Agency uses a full stack JavaScript app platform  to build modern web and mobile apps, with a single JavaScript codebase.

Django: Global iTech web team use high-level Python Web framework for web application development. We use ASP.NET forfree, fully supported Web application framework. 

Laravel: We use laravel  PHP web application framework to build web applications on MVC pattern. Call us for  your web development project.

Zend Framework 2: Our web developers are expertise an open source framework that is Zend Framework 2 for developing web applications and web services using PHP.

Phalcon: A full stack PHP framework delivered as a C-extension that Global iTech Systems use in our development process.

Symfony: We are team of web developers to reusable PHP components and a web application framework.

CakePHP: We use CakePHP  framework for web applications development which is very simple, fast and require less code.

Flask: We also use flask which is a microframework for Python based on Werkzeug and Jinja 2.

CodeIgniter: We use CodeIgniter PHP framework. It is a powerful and lightweight PHP framework built for developers who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications.